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Hello everyone. Does it mean that someone has not met the qualifications of a job posting when connects are refunded to him or her. I mean, what's the actual meaninhg of refunded connects.

Help a soul.


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When a buyer deletes their post or is declared as a scam, Upwork deletes
their seller ID and refunds the connects used by freelancers who applied to
their proposal.

I appreciate

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Connects on Upwork are refunded for a few reasons:

  1. When a freelancer applies for a job and the client does not select them for the job, their used connects are refunded.

  2. If a client cancels a job posting, any freelancers who applied for the job will have their connects refunded.

  3. If a client fails to respond to a freelancer's application within 14 days, the freelancer's used connects will be refunded.

The refund of connects is meant to provide fairness and balance to the platform's bidding system, ensuring that freelancers are not penalized if they apply for a job and do not get selected.