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What's your dream home?

Recently the world’s highest apartment was listed for sale (for a mere $250 million!) and it got me wondering where I would live if I had $250 million to spend on my dream home.


While that penthouse has some appeal (like the view over Central Park!), I’m not sure that’s the approach for me. Working remotely gives me the opportunity to work from nearly anywhere. Why would I limit myself to one measly 17,545-square-foot apartment? What if instead…I bought a train car and lived on the rail lines! 


Years ago, I read about how you can pay Amtrak to tow your personal train car behind them as they travel the country. The caveat is that, on top of the price of a train car itself, the towing and parking is multiple thousands of dollars per day. Maybe not feasible on an average income, but I can definitely dream!

The idea of watching the country zoom by while I work is really appealing to me. And when we arrived at a destination that I wanted to explore, I’d have them unhitch my train car and take a few days to explore the area before continuing the journey. 


If money were no object, what would be your dream home? As with my dream, that home need not be a house!

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My dream house will be in the sky where nobody can Reach me, sitting there quietly, watching the earth from quite a distance, watching her beauty, watching the trees, the ocean, the forest, and more what a dream.