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how to report a client who is not willing to pay for submitted work?

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Alann L Member Since: Aug 12, 2018
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Hi. I've been working for a client producing t-shirt designs and illustrating a few characters of his own. So far so good, he payed correctly and had great response. Actually, one of the best clients I've ever had so far. We finished producing the t-shirt designs, but he aparently had some issues with his bank ,so he said he wouldn't be able to pay me for the last 2 designs just yet. I completely understood and said he could take his time on that (this was about 3 weeks ago). Since he had been such a great client, I didn't worry at all about no milestones and such, since, as soon as I gave the finished product, he usually created them and released the payment right away.
A week later, he mentioned he would love to create a comic book, so we started discussing about the idea, he wrote a test script, and I started doing a sample page just so he could judge my qualifications for the job. This where his exact words when talking about the page production: "When you done with the finish product of this 1st page I can pay you for your work". After finishing and giving him the page, he asked about it's price. Sure enough, I gave my price and he agreed with it. 

Later on, yesterday I decided to remind him about the payment of the t-shirt he still owed and about the sample page as well. Putting the matter in a nutshell, he took back what he said and decided that he wasn't going to pay for the sample page, since it was just a sample. I would like to know how could I report him for this behaviour (since I think he might be taking advantage of other artists, as well) and request for the rest of the payment?

p.s: I attached some screenshots of the argument

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Forget it.

If you do work against unfunded milestones (and yes, I do that too) then you accept the fact that if it goes wrong you will not get paid.


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Alann L Member Since: Aug 12, 2018
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Either ways, I think this situation, even if I do not get paid doing so, must be reported, because he probably is taking advantage of other people's work.


p.s: attached the screenshots of the conclusion of the argument  

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Randy S Member Since: Mar 20, 2017
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Send that portion of the conversation to Upwork support. Asking for free work, including a "free sample" is a violation of Upwork TOS. 

Perhaps mention this fact to him and give him the chance to make it right.

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SAMTI I Member Since: Sep 23, 2018
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You can end your contract with this client and select client not willing to pay or other reasons you got.
This way the client reputation will be clear to all designers and artists.