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Did not receive Connects after interview

i Should Get 10 Connects After Winning an interview and Replying to it , well i didn't Get any Connects ?  does it take time or there is some kind of mistake ?


Hi all,


We are no longer awarding free Connects for every interview won or disclosing the number of Connects rewarded in these cases. Unfortunately, we learned from our community that some dishonest customers were gaming the system to get free Connects they didn’t deserve. We occasionally may still give out different amounts of Connects based on factors like the number of jobs available in the marketplace. 


For more information, please see this Product Update. You can check your Connects History here.






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Hi i'm new to upwork, i have recently withdrawn 2 proposals for a reason that the job proposal is taking too long or might be a reason is that too many competion for the job. I'm just thinking about my connects that have been consumed upon submission to the proposal, will they be returned or refunded?

Hi Benjie,


Your Connects are not returned if the client chooses another freelancer, lets the job expire without hiring, or if you withdraw your proposal from a project. You can read more about it here

~ Joanne
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