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Dispute - Client didn't pay after job

I recently worked for a client on a fixed budget. This was my first ever job on Upwork, and I wasn't fully aware of the process. I submitted a proposal, and the Client approached me in Upwork messages, and after few messages back and forth, he asked me to join Google meet and help him fix the problem, said it will be easier there, and sent a Google meet invite on my email address. I worked with the client and got the job done. No contract was signed. He promised me to pay by the Hour. At first, he said he didn't receive any contract. I assured him I had forwarded a proposal, and later he replied he will pay me after his work hours.
I followed up a few hours later, he said that he did receive the proposal, and will be paying me. After that, he has not replied to my messages. I even tried contacting him via email. No luck there as well. I haven't heard from him. Its been more than 48 hours since I completed the job.
What would be the best way to proceed further?
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re: "What would be the best way to proceed further?"


You worked without a contract. You can't get paid. If the client paid you - without a contract in place - then you would be violating serious Upwork rules. You could be suspended or removed from the platform.


Learn from your mistakes. Don't make those same mistakes again in the future.


Do not try to get paid for this task. Remove all desire to get paid for this. Never again send messages to that client.

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The client needs to send you a contract, not the other way around. He responds to your proposal by hitting "Hire Now". It's not hard to figure out on the client side. He may be truly clueless, and you could remind him he needs to open the contract and not the other way around, but likely he was preying on the fact that you are new and haven't read up on how to use Upwork yet. 


It's also a TOS violation to communicate outside Upwork prior to having a contract in Upwork. You need to read the help articles to make sure you don't get scammed, like you probably did here. 


Hello Siraj,


I am sorry to hear about your experience. Could you please click on my picture next to this post and send me a private message with more information on the client so I could forward this to the appropriate team to review and take action?


Pradeep H

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