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Is it scam?

So I received an invitation which says that need a data entry person for a realtor. The job is to list the houses for rent on different websites. he is paying 500 for training ,which he did with me by screen sharing and willing to pay 700 per week for working 5 days a week, 5 hrs daily.  Seems to good for basic customer service plus data entry job?? Any one sees red flags?? Please share yiur thoughts or experiences if any.

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If you do it, you'll be on the hook for the rent and deposits the client stole from tenants, after letting them property he doesn't own. 

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Scam. They don't own the properties.

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If you do it, you'll be on the hook for the rent and deposits the client stole from tenants, after letting them property he doesn't own. 

What to do if I put on some website, email and phone no all credentilas were provided by him.now. that email is not responding.shoukd I call websites??


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Absolute scam and as Robert said, you could be responsible for massive financial damages.

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Total scam. Flag it.


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Have you ever heard of the scam where someone responds to a rental or real estate listing, goes to view the property from the road, makes an offer or signs a lease agreement without ever setting foot on (or inside) the property, then discovers that the "owner/property manager/broker/agent/etc" doesn't even own the property?

This is that scam.  It preys upon people who are desperate to find housing.  People will sign leases and purchase agreements sight unseen when the local real estate market is so hot that their offers are consistently outbid, or when housing is in such high demand that a "sight-unseen" agreement is the only remaining advantage to secure a place to live.

I highly doubt you would be on the hook for other people's rent, especially when you can show proof that someone hired you and you were acting in good faith.  Unfortunately, the only person that would have the correct answer is a lawyer and a judge.

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I responded to a listing where they did not describe the work in its entirety. This is the posting: 
   "Hello, I need a personal digital web assistant who can work from home and manage online marketing for my business. You'll be required to have little or less experience to work as i'll be instructing you on what to do. Drop a message for more information.  "


I put in a purposal because you never know, and he immedatly wanted me to text him, sent screening questions and wants to know how I want to be paid. (all red flags)      (**Edited for Community Guidelines**)  Is the number the person is using. Im posting this as an example and warning! 


Hi Myranda,


Thank you for your message. I will forward your report to the relevant team to review and take action as appropriate. Please check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs and please use the flag option found on each job post or message anytime you’d like to report a violation.

Thank you,
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