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Top Rated Plus Badge Only Visible When Logged In

I'm bidding on a job outside of the Upwork platform but wanted to point out my history and rating here,


Whenever I link someone to information from any platform, I always test out what the recipient will see, assuming they can't log in. So I've just discovered that when I access my Upwork profile when not logged in, I only see the top rated badge, not the top rated plus.

Is this by accident or by design? If by accident, can it be fixed?



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Lezli H wrote:

Is this by accident or by design? !

As already confirmed in response to your other post, this is by design

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Thanks Petra!


I didn't realize I had replies there. I did, howerer, think I had asked the quesion in the wrong place, so I asked it be deleted and reposted it here.


I'll slink away now... Smiley Embarassed

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