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Get Profile Feedback from Experienced Freelancers on Upwork

Hi New Upwork Freelancers!


Getting started on Upwork can take a lot of work and focus. To help make this process a little easier, we’ve created this post where you can request feedback on your profile. The Community is full of experienced Upwork freelancers who are passionate about helping others. These users will review your profile and provide feedback based on their experience.


If you’re interested in requesting help, make sure your profile visibility is not set to “Private” and then reply below. 


We’re excited to see how Community members can continue to help each other to grow!

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Community Manager

Hi all,


This thread has been closed from further replies due to its size. We appreciate your participation in the Community and welcome you to continue the conversation here.


Thank you!


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Would love this, please. Rv

Marvellous - I would suggest changing your picture to something a bit more professional.

Thank you so much, Mary, I'd see to that right away.

Mary, with all my respect. Could you check my profile and provide me with feedback. I will appreciate it!
Thank you!

I am a member since last 1 year.i have passed upwork rediness test before 15 day's but stil i did not get e mail.if any one please review my profile.i wish to know there is any glitch in my profile?

You miss the point. Upwork is a gig, not a job. Yot need to search for jobs here and find them!

Hello, I'm new to upwork. Could you please help me go through my profile. I need your feedback. Thank you

Hi Eseoghene,

Welcome to Upwork, and thank you for reaching out! You're off to a great start, but here are a few additional things you can do to further improve your profile:

  • Make sure your profile is 100% complete: Note that a 100% complete profile is not only a good sign for Clients, but it also helps you qualify for Upwork Talent Badges. I completely understand it can be confusing to figure out how to get a 100% complete profile if you're new to Upwork, however, the upside to it is that there are so many ways and combinations. For example, link a social account, add more skill tags, other experiences, etc.

  • Make sure your profile is cohesive. For example, your title and overview show data science and analytics while your skill tags show academic writing and other skills. Try to showcase all of your expertise throughout all sections of your general profile and build specialized profiles to show your specialties or different fields of expertise (did you know you can have 2 specialized profiles?)

  • When building your specialized profile, really show off your niche by ensuring your rate, title, overview and portfolio uniquely reflect your services for that particular set of skills. To learn more, watch this video.

  • I notice your availability is set to “As Needed”. Because different independent professionals use this availability setting to communicate different things (some mean their workload is varying, some mean that they are booked - but will consider very attractive offers) it may be a detractor to receiving relevant invites. It might be helpful to instead use the “Less than 30” or “More than 30” option - depending upon which is closest to your current projected availability.

I hope you find these tips helpful! Let us know if you have any questions.


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Hi nadja  i am new to upwork kindly review my profile so i can make better it

Hello Everyone, Kindly help review my Upwork profile.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

It been a long time i made Money here.

Thank you

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Hi Nadja!

I really appreciate the wholesome feedback you've provided for one of the members. Also, you've provided some very useful tips. I'd humbly request, if you can view my profile and provide me some feedback. So, I can know where my loopholes are. I'll be grateful.

Create two dedicated/specialized profiles.
Add portfolio and request your past clients who happen to be on LinkedIn to provide you with testimonies.

Once you complete a few jobs with positive feedback, things will be speeded up.
Meanwhile, aim at achieving rising talent badge.

Hello, please review my account

Community Member

Hello Nadja,

i am also currently new to the upwork community, and as such till scouting to learn more about how this amazing environment works. If you don't mind, could you kindly take a look at my profile, what do you think I need to do better inorder to earn badges. 
thanks in advance for your time.

Hello Nadja, kindly review my account

Plz review on my profile
Community Member

Dear Nadja,

Greetings! I know you can solve my problem. Please help me. Please visit my profile and give me a feedback. My profile is right. Please Please please help me. I am waiting for your positive response. Thank you very much. 

Kind regards, 

Pronob kumar 

Hi Nadja, I'm new to the work platform, my profile was opened a long time ago but I only activated it a month ago. And I started building a profile and looking for a job, in about 15 days I got my first job photo retouch, I am a graphic designer by profession , and I still have many skills in word ekel, autocad, etc., but I am an expert in photoshop and illustrator also in design, but I do not know how to present it well, I am a little confused, if you could look at my profile, evaluate and point me to mistakes .Thanks a lot.

I am very pleased regarding your help. I have completed all those steps mentioned in your thread can you please review my profile and help me where I am lacking to win projects.

Thank You,

Community Member

Take my love &  respect. Could you check my profile and provide me with feedback. I will appreciate it!
Thank you so mach

Thank you very much, I also need you to take a look at my profile I can't find a job.Thank you very much, I also need you to take a look at my profile I can't find a job.

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Could you please check my profile too? Thank you in advance

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As here in china, I can't get a "link a social account" , then my profile would be 95%,not 100%

Can this be ok for applying the job  or would effect ?



Community Member

kindly give a look to my profile as well

Community Member

Hi, would be awesome if you can review my profile as well

Hi Nadija, 


I am new to Upwork trying to get jobs here. 

I am continously applying for jobs, but not getting any reverts from clients, 

I had done everything just like. Lower Bid, Less timing, More than 30 hours weekly availability but nothing is working for my profile. 


I request you to kindly have a review on my profile. I have completed 100% Profile. 





Community Member

Hi Nadja, I am new to Upwork. It will great pleasure for me if you kindly review my profile and give feedback to me.



Hi Nadja N,

Hope you are well.

I want to inform you that i was a Rising Talen Badge holder and 1-month before i meet the criteria of Top Rated Badge. Rising Talent Badge has removed from my profile but i did not get Top Rated Badge since it is almost my second month going that i have met all the criteria but not getting badge.




Hello Imran,


Thank you for your message. I'll have one of our customer support agents reach out to you directly to assist you further.


Thank you.



Thank you very much Pradeep.

Looking forward to hearing from your team.


Best Regards,

Imran khan

Community Member

Hello, Nadja,


I am also a new freelancer to upwork and I am hardly trying to succeed in upwork.

My profile is 100 % complete for cuple of months, I apply for jobs, always when I have connections.

My issues are a couple:

1. I do not receive a raising talent badge for more than 2 - 3 months, although I am qualified for it.

This lowers my changes of winning a project. 

2. At some point all projects costed 1 connection and now they are again 2, 4, 6 conections. This is lowering the posibility to apply on more projects with the regular 10 connections monthly.

3. Since I cannot apply actively and I do not win proposals my  profile gets "private" from upwork and I need to change it regularly. 


These issues makes it very difficult to even start with a single project. 

I will be grateful if you can advise me how to overcome this obsatacles.


Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


Hi Marina,


1. Once qualified you will receive an email confirmation, the badge will be awarded on your profile in up to 48 hours. To learn more about the requirements check out this Help Article.

2. This was a test feature that we ran for a limited amount of time. Our test has ended for now so we can study the results and learn. We plan to re-launch boosted proposals in the coming months. We will keep you posted!
3. I've just updated your profile visibly back to public. 

I can also suggest to check out our resources here and learn more about how to improve your profile and your proposals. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi, Eseoghene O

Your profile is set to "Private".

It is public now. Kindly check
Community Member

good day sir, would you be kind enough to check my profile if is okay , am so new though experienced , i have not landed my first client yet , helps please

Community Member

Hi Albee,


Your profile needs more improvement to approach your clients. 1st of all you should require to complete your profile with 100% rating. Also you need to add more about yourself by adding your skills set. Then approve your profile through Upwork. After that it would be better to write proposal as per your niche. Best of luck of your upcoming journey.



Thanks & Regards

Suman B.

Community Member

oh thanks , is just to add my my social media left , they banned twitter
in my country Nigeria , so is been difficult, even with VPN, thank alot

greetings! Can you pls check out my profile and tell me how to improve it? Here is my profile link

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

thanks in advance

Community Member

Thanks for that, not everyone really understands that.
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