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I have mistakenly sent 12 images that some contains contact info to the client I am not hired yet

Hi Dear,

I am working with my client for  a mobile applications, I have done building the app and install apk to my phone, I have took all the screenshoots of the pages, that was 12 images, some images of profile screen contains email (filled up form). I know its ok for client I am hired. But I have send that from my mobile phone and mistakenly sent it to the client who is interviewing me (not hired). He was not online, I just removed the message within seconds from desktop, because the conversation window was open in desktop too. No chance for seeing the image from his side. I am top rated here in upwork and I am in fear that is there any problem? It was totally unintensional and client did not even see the Image as I have deleted within seconds, and he was offline.

I will really be happy to get some answer about this, if there is any problem or not.







Hi Md. M,


Thank you for your message. I understand your concern. Since you have already deleted the images from the Upwork messages, the client will not be able to access them on Upwork. You may want to reach out to both clients and notify them about your action to avoid confusion. 


Thank you,



Thanks for reply, I have notified the client I have done mistake with. And that time I have sent the file to my client on the  contract I am working on.

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