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Re: Job

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Claudio A Member Since: Feb 3, 2019
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Moreover it´s very unpolite from you to say a few sentences thrown

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Theresa D Member Since: Mar 28, 2019
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I just visited your profile.


Here is what I will suggest. Spend time writing a one page profile of your skills, your work experience and your work culture. 


You can also leave the links to your personal website or blog to be used as a work sample. Go through Upwork Community so you can learn the tricks of the scammers so you can avoid wasting time working for them.


(I came to Upwork Community to check if I can learn from those who have been here before me how to be successful on Upwork, and avoid making the mistakes they made when they first joined Upwork)

You will hit gold. The money you got cheated out of will do no good for the one who cheated you. Forget about it and apply for other jobs.

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