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How to change agency owner?


Is it possible to change agency owner from one to another? There are an agency and team respectively and I want to change the owner to another person from team.

How can I do it?




Hi Nikolas,

I am taking retirement from managing my company account and want to transfer it to one of my managers who will take care of it. She will be the sole owner of it after that. Can you please create a support ticket and suggest to me further steps of it.

Thank you

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Community Manager

Hi Dhupa,

Someone from our team will reach out to you via support ticket in order to assist you with this.

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We need to transfer ownership of our agency urgently. Could you help us?

Hi Timofey,


It looks like the team has reached out via a support ticket with more details and instructions on how to transfer ownership of your agency. Feel free to update the ticket and communicate with the team if you still need further assistance or if you have questions. The team will surely assist you accordingly.


~ Arjay

Hi Arjay!

Thank you! Yes, I saw the instructions and followed them. Could you share with me further steps?

Hi Timofey,


Thank you for reaching out. I checked your support ticket and it looks like the agent is awaiting your response so they can further review your request. Please don't hesitate to send any questions or concerns that you may have on the same ticket thread so our team can be more efficient is assisting you.

~ AJ

Hi Annie!

Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, I don't see any way how could I reply them. I wrote to email, but nobody answered me.

Maybe I can answer them via Upwork, but I don't see any way on the page.

Please, help me!

Hi Timofey,


Thank you for following up. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you directly via email to assist you further.


~ Nikola
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What's the process of transferring agency ownership? Please help. Thank you.

Hi Irene,


Thank you for your message. I do not see any agency linked to your account. Our support team can assist you with the transfer of your agency ownership if you request the existing agency owner to reach us directly. 


- Pradeep

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Regarding your question about changing the agency owner, this is indeed possible but may depend on the specific platform or system you are using to manage your agency.


The general steps to change the agency owner would typically be:


Identify the current agency owner and the person you want to transfer ownership to. Make sure the new owner has the appropriate permissions and access to manage the agency.


Locate the settings or account management area within your agency platform. There should be an option to transfer or change the agency owner.


Follow the prompts to initiate the ownership transfer. This may require confirming the change with the current owner, entering the new owner's details, and saving the changes.


Verify that the ownership has been successfully transferred to the new person. They should now have full control and management capabilities for the agency.


The specific steps may vary depending on the platform you are using, so I'd recommend checking their documentation or contacting their support team if you need any clarification or assistance with the process.


Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to provide further guidance.

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