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Please rate me proposal sample!

Hi Fellow Freelancers.


I want you guyz to look at my proposal sample & rate it, How much is it apprealing!


Job Description: 

"We are a Data Science and IT company and need logo designed for it"



"Hello there!

How are you? Welcome to Upwork since its your first job post! I have created various types of logo's of different clients & have received good feedback's.

Here are some of my relevant "Samples" & "Client Testimonials":

**Edited for Community Guidelines**
**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Above items proves that I can deliver those results & can provide you a suitable logo for your website related to "IT" & "Data Science"

I'm very keen to provide you quality work which helps to grow your business & also willing to do unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied.

A few questions about the project:

1. What is the name of your company & can you provide me link to your website?
2. Do you prefer a symbolic logo or typography?
3. Do you need more designs for your website in future like slider etc.

Please let me know & then I can bring appropriate suggestions & solutions!

I'm available on Skype, So let me know in which platform you are comfortable for conversations. If you have any issues or questions just let me know, I will provide help!


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Hi Matija,


Can you specify, I want to know which parts are making problem!


Please let me know!


Thanks for your concern!



Suleman Iqbal



I would say it's a clear 6.78, some people like lenghty proposals.

Hi Alex,


Thanks for your rating. I want to ask, Is really my proposal that long? & do you write short proposals?

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Ok here goes first off spelling check it and check it again  appealing for instance sorry but its so important ..second thing its too long good but too long can you cut down the sentence's or put in bullet format otherwise its good I would give it a 6 but I am only new at Upwork.. good luck

Agreed - you must run a spelling and grammar check, but besides that it seems to me (an English editor!) that your proposal is top-notch. You prove that you have the relevant work experience and that you have read the job description and are interested in the job. I don't think it's too long.


But then again, I'm also new to Upwork and haven't yet landed my first job here. I would appreciate some advice too. Does everyone write short proposals?


edited to add: Suleman, I would delete #3 on your list of questions about the project.

Hi Renee,


Thanks! Yes, I always check the spellings & grammers before clicking the submit button. I use ginger add-on in the browser. I really don't know which is the best option (Short vs Long (Proposals). But I have only figured out after looking at the experts is that, There are some points you should do:


1. Don't write scripted proposal, Just write the proposal specifically to that job.

2. Use conversational language & words, Dont use heavy words.

3. Always ask questions regarding the project. Becuase its shows that you're enthuthiastic & interested. Based on my experience I've seen that clients response to the questions which have been asked on the proposal.

4. Don't go for win. Try to convince him being friendly, try to suggest help & solutions.

5. Be personel.

4. Show relevant samples & client testimonials(if you have).


I also experimenting these formula's so I think these points should be consider when applying!


Keep trying until you get your first job. Hope this helps!




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1. Are you looking for a job?
2. Are you looking for someone to do the job?

I would say sending a proposal to a client without letting him know what are you offering, delivery time e.t.c is not a good strategy. You should make an offer and add in your proposal, At least let him know what you are offering in the price you are asking. This would help your cause further.




Its good, I would rate it good but you need to be more specific about the industry of the client. May be let him what logos you have designed for the IT industry.