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Invitation to the interview - without contract

Hello, I'm kinda new here and a have got my first work after getting the invitation to the interview. Everything was fine, we discussed the price and they sent me the product for the shooting. The thing is, I sent the finished photos and now I have no idea how I can get my payment. Can you guys help me? I am afraid that client will leave the web cite and wouldn't even see my messages:(

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It is very unlikely that you will get paid. You could try contacting the client and asking them to send you a formal Upwork contract and then to give you bonus payment, but I don't think that will happen.  Never do any work for a client until you have a formal contract in place and you have both agreed to the rates, and how you would work - on a tracked hourly basis, or as fixed-price job with the money funded into escrow.  It is the client who has to send you an offer which you would accept (or not). Once you accept, Upwork will email you saying your contract has started.  

You really must read the many help pages on Upwork before applying for any job. 

I have flagged your post, in case a moderator can help you. 

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