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So Many Spam Job Posting

Hello Community

I am so astonished to see why UpWork is not taking any action against random scam job postings.

In my feed I have 6 to 8 scam post out of 10.

Should I flag them spending my valuable time? Nowadays it is very hard to find a real job post in the midst of scam job posts.

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Unfortunately, you are not alone in feeling this way. And you're right -- nowadays it is very hard to find a real job post in the midst of scam job posts. If you want to spend your time flagging them, go ahead, but it would take you forever to flag even a small percentage of them, and you would still notice no difference in the number of them and would even see the same posts reappear every day even after they have been flagged multiple times.

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Here are some of them. I am seeing this kind of post from more than a month now.  Dont know whether upwork knows about this or anyone to fix this in dev team of upwork

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I see that the posts you reported here were removed from you comment, but were they removed from your job feed as well?

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Hi Mohammad,

I'm not recommending this as a permanent solution because I think that Upwork really needs to address this in a more comprehensive way, but you can filter your feed using some of the filter features.

You can use the advanced search feature to exclude terms from your searches. I've come up with a search that filter for posts with contact information. I posted it here:

There's also a link to an earlier post that explains the advanced search feature.

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