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Proposal Views

On February 22, we launched a test feature that provides freelancers with timestamps of when clients viewed their submitted proposals.


Check out the product update for Proposal Views and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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I had this notification (along with which job it was and a time), which I've never seen before. Is this something new Upwork is doing?



I have not seen that. Can you please post a screenshot? Thanks!

A cut and paste with job title edited out is the best I can do:


"Your proposal for {JOB] was viewed. 4:35 PM" 

That is the last time the client viewed their post; not necessarily your message or cover letter. That has been there as long as I can remember. Thanks!

I've never seen one that said "your proposal" was viewed.

William, I have NEVER gotten this type of notification in the nearly 8 years I've been on Upwork...never. Also, not to be rude, but your explanation makes no sense. If the client viewed their posting, why am I getting a notification telling me they viewed my proposal? A client's job posting and a freelancer's proposal are two different things. I do not accept that Upwork is confusing the two.


Can I get a valid answer to my question from someone, please? Why did I get this new notification?

And at least two or three other people posted on this thread that they have never seen this notification before, which is actually what you said in your original response before doing a 180 and saying it's been there "as long as you can remember"...

I have been on Upwork  since about 2011 and have never seen that notification ever.  If it's a new feature, it's interesting, but not that useful.  IMHO I know clients have a way of giving certain proposals a 'thumbs up' to 'short list' them in their dashboard.  I'd rather get a notification about being 'short listed' versus just my proposal being 'viewed', personally.  'Viewed' doesn't mean much to me.  However, knowing you've been 'short listed' is a little more useful. Even if they never contact me, it helps to know the proposal I sent in 'caught' their eye so I can use that as helpful guidance for continuing to improve  future proposals.


but now they send notifictaions. great work #Upwork.

There is nothing on my account yet. Is there is settings for this feature?

you will see after submitting a proposal. 




I viewed the Profile page sent and it was worded "Last viewed by client" not "Your proposal was viewed". 


Unless there is a screenshot to view, everyone in this post is guessing because "Your proposal was viewed" isn't on that page.

Sorry, William, but that's just more nonsense. I cut and pasted the text and said it was cut and pasted, so there's no need to claim that "everyone in this post is guessing." Other people on this thread knew exactly what I was saying, so please don't speak for everyone. You were wrong and would rather try to explain it away with a lot of gobbeldygook rather than admit it, which is on you. As far as you saying you "viewed the profile page sent," I don't know what you're talking about, nor do I care. I got the answer I sought, and that's all I wanted. 



Hi All, 


We encourage our Community members to be professional and respectful to one another when posting here. Please, be mindful of the Community Guidelines.


~ Nikola
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Community Manager

Hi Bettye and William, I want to note that you're referring to two different features here.

Bettye, as Nikola confirmed, this is a test. Since you have the experience noted here, you are part of the test, so you see all the extra information about a proposal you sent out. 

William, you're referring to the "Last viewed by client" feature at the bottom of a job post under the "Activity on this job" section. And yes, you are correct. That feature has existed for some time.


I hope this clarifies it for both of you. Bettye and William, if you have feedback or suggestions for the feature being discussed on this thread, please don't hesitate to share them here. We would appreciate it. 

Thank you for participating in this thread!

~ Avery

I've got such a notification and my research directed me to this thread. My kind appeal is that when you disagree with someone especially in such a platform, be professional in your choice of words.  I doubt if William's intention was to mislead you. If you find an answer that doesn't address your problem, it could be a case of misunderstanding or miscommunication. You don't throw indirect punches. As a member, though I've gotten the answer I needed through your post, I'm bothered by your response attitude , and just hope this won't be a trend. Remember, we are all community members who are here because we want others to CARE about the issues we share.  Please! Thank you.


yeah your are right but now they are showing this in your notification like this.


 It shows like this in notification.

Teeheehee...the cut-and-paste links to the job anyway. Hope you see this before it's taken down...


Viewed and considered appropriate or inappropriate different prepositions. Only viewed does not serve the purpose if considered approriate the concerned will approach

Huh? (In other words, I don't understand what you're trying to say.)

I think what they're getting at is that it doesn't matter if it was viewed, only if they contact you.

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If I understand you correctly, then, view is the first thing to improve before interview and hires. View/impression is important.


In website business, a great website created with the latest tech is useless without views. A cookie cutter website with whatsapp number can generate much better sales if they are viewed.


In Upwork, your perfect proposal and sparkling profile are useless without views.

Just noticed this yesterday -


Saw a similar thread on Reddit. I don't see them yet but maybe because it's new and I don't send proposals often.


It's good if it's true. I've been struggling with low (often 0) views. My niche is crowded and the sorting algo doesn't seem to like me, feels like they always put me in position 50+.


I tested sending proposals differently almost every time. With this feature I can test better.



I have never seen this feature. Only feature avialble is thorugh "My Stats" links where one can view how many proposal were viewed and this for overall proposal not specifics.

I have seen this notifictions come through since the past 2-3 days. Would be great if the notification could have a link/hyperlink to the job post so freelancers know which proposals of their's were viewed by clients.

Its hyperlinkedin, just checked. May be Can all notifications have a hyperlink too expecially with refund of connects? 



Could you please send a screenshot so we can see?

I received the same notification today that my proposal, which was sent last night was viewed. Maybe a new notification feature Upwork is rolling out? 



Could you please send a screenshot so we can see?

Hi All, 


I would like to clarify that this feature is in testing.  Freelancers will now be able to identify if, and when, their proposal was viewed by the client in their proposal dashboard. We’re hoping this feature increases transparency for freelancers and helps alleviate the ambiguity in the proposal submission and review process. 


You can find more information here.


~ Nikola



Thanks for posting and with the example. Nice feature!

what about the first 37 words of a proposal that a client sees in the preview.. will I know if they see that, or only if they click on it and see the 38th word?

...otherwise, I'd say, it's not really transparent at all.. it's just a further manipulation (as with the beta stats) to push 50+ people who might have more money than talent to boost to try to get in the top 3 spots before they get out-boosted


a more useful tool would be to know if the preview has been seen -then a freelancer can tailor their intro to grab attention and know the scrolling habits of the clients.

Imagine if UpWork actually spent their genius to try and match eligible talent with clients. Now, that's something a client would actually appreciate. I know for a fact, by their own feedback to me that they don't appreciate the boost system, and that they'd never know about it if I didn't tell them.. how's that for "transparency?"

I'm sorry. UpWork is not trying to help clients and they're not trying to help freelancers. To pretend they are with meaningless bells and whistles is anything but transparent.

studies show that dopamine is released in the human brain when a person gets a "like" on Facebook.. somehow, I don't think the effect is nearly as satisfying to see a solicited potential client has clicked on a proposal and then moved on without even clicking a "like." 🤣

Hi, ThiruMoolar -
Can you please confirm that the client PREVIEWS the first 37 words of a cover letter when glancing at the proposals they have received? How did you find that out?

I have been trying to find out what they can see before they open the proposal, and your post is the first bit of information I've seen about it. It's very significant because, if it's true, I can put something compelling into those first 37 words. I recently did something like that by coincidence and got a view and an interview.  If your insight is correct, I can try that approach again next time I submit a proposal. 

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Hi @Jennifer N

I think Upwork needs to look into the number of connects (12-18) required for submitting proposals. I understand that the company needs to make money, but it's affecting some of us. 

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