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Address may only include letters, digits, space, dash, comma, dot, slash, apostrophe and pound. City

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Phaedra R Member Since: Jun 4, 2018
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I am getting this error on the hiring page (for a contract)! There is no address field and I have no special characters anywhere in the form. This is blocking me from hiring. Please advise how to resolve this.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Phaedra, 

It looks like you were able to hire a freelancer already. Please don't forget to add your mobile/phone number on this page.


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Cynthia R Member Since: Aug 27, 2018
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Hey what is wrong with your system I am getting this as well!!!! 

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Cynthia,


I`m sorry about the inconvenience this had caused. One of our team members will reach out to you directly and assist you further, thank you for your patience. 

~ Bojan
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Angel E Member Since: Jul 30, 2018
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City may only include letters, digits, space, dash and apostrophe. Should include at least one letter.


Please why I m getting the error message?

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Angel, 


Could you please complete your address, and phone/mobile number on this page? Let me know if the issue persists. 

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Arnaldo H Member Since: Aug 6, 2018
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I have the same problem right now. Could you tell me if the error apply to job-description only, or if it could be about signs within an attached file, or even in the billing-address (although the billing method were already accepted).



Erik Arnaldo

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Kim B Member Since: Sep 25, 2018
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Same problem here.

I even don't know WHERE I can change the city name.... ??

Pls help!

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Kim, 


Our team will reach out to you directly via ticket and assist you further. Account information can be changed/updated by going to Settings > My Info.

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Nikita M Member Since: Feb 5, 2019
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Hello Goran,


got the same complication, can not hire a freelancer cause of the same reason as the other person. Could you please help me, too? I want to hire some people at the official way...