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Contract On Hold

I am new to Upwork. Just two hours after I got offered this contract it's being put on hold.
I wanted to knw whether client has paused the contract or it's because clients account is suspended. I can see suspended written in contract page. Not sure if that means suspended client or suspended contract.

Thanks and Regards


Hi Ronnie,


There are two reasons why your contract may be paused:


  • Your client has decided to pause your Hourly Contract: If no work needs to be done at the moment, clients can temporarily and immediately pause a contract. This prevents hours from being logged on the contract, without the need to end it, until you are ready to proceed with the next part of the project. 
  • There is a problem with your client’s Upwork account: In this case, your contracts with them will be paused automatically and you cannot continue to bill that client through Upwork until the issue is resolved. There are many possible reasons this could occur, although we can’t share the specifics regarding your client’s account due to privacy concerns.

You can check out this help article to learn some tips on what you can do if your contract is paused.





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My contract have been suspended. Then client told me he solved issue and suspended status gone for him but contract is suspended fo me still. When will i notice contract resuming?

Hi Viktor,


It appears your client has not still resolved the issues that cause the contract to be suspended, which is why you're seeing it's suspended on your end. I strongly encourage you to not resume working with the client until you see that the contract is active again on your end. Feel free to continue to communicate with them to know when would this be possible and feel free to check this help article to learn more.

~ Luiggi
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Did you happen to experience that your client got suspended and didn't go back in upwork? We're actually have a good relaionship with my client before in terms of my work and pay and he was planning to put me in other position that has bigger income. Suddenly he got suspended and my client didn't contact me after that at all.

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I recently got in a contract and started working on it. After 6 hours of work, Upwork temporarily suspended the contract and stopped me from doing further work.


I contacted my client and he said he's trying to resolve the issue.


Can anyone tell me, how long will it take Upwork to resolve the issue?


Thanks and looking forward to it.

Hi Zeeshan,


Thank you for reaching out. There are different reasons why a contract could be paused and we're unable to specify when would the issue be resolved. We suggest that you stop working on the contract immediately and communicate with your client to learn when you can resume working with them. Feel free to check this help article to learn more. 

~ Luiggi
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Hello,  I hope everyone doing well,   I am wondering if anyone guides me about one of my fixed projects.  So my client was happy with work and I submitted the final delivery in the contract submission section however the client was offline and didn't release the milestone payment at that time and after some days when I checked, I saw the following message "Paused by Upwork".   I contacted the client and he said, don't worry, the payment is in escrow and you will get it soon.   So I waited for 4 days and it still showing the same message " "Paused by Upwork".   So please let me know how can I get my payment.    Thank you!


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Hi Amin,


It's recommended that you stop working on the contract immediately and get in touch with your client to see when you can resume working, once they've resolved the issue with their account. I'd like to reiterate any work completed up until the contract was paused is covered by Payment Protection

~ Luiggi
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Hi Upwork Community. I recieved a message yesterday that my hourly contract has temporarily suspended...

Previously, I have discussed with the client that I want to work on fixed price but the client says do the work on hourly basis and let the timer on. I will not see what you will do. All I need is work regardless of what you are doing when the timer on. We have decided to work on 4 logos in 12 hours (which consider an urgent work). I have completed the project and sent all the files on upwork and the client was satisfied. The time tracked properly with lithe app. But now the contract is on hold and the client has blocked me on whatsapp as well. 

Please can I know the issue? Will my fund in the review be paid? 

Community Member

Hello All,


I have a fixed price funded contract with a client. Now when I have finished the work & looking for submitting work, surprisingly, I saw that the contact has been paused by Upwork.

Even, I am not able to communicate with the client since the client account has been suspended.

Please suggest what should I do, whether I should submit the work or wait for further updates.

Please also suggest in such case whether I would get payment if I submit the work.


Best regards


Any suggestion?

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Hi Pratibha,


I'm afraid I had to remove the screenshot you shared as it contained personal information that should not be on the forum. I understand you might be concerned about your client's account being suspended. Please note that when this happens it's typically because there's an issue with their account that they'd need to resolve, which for privacy reasons we can't discuss. You may get in contact with your client to know when you can resume working, once the hold is lifted. Feel free to check out this help article to learn more.


~ Luiggi
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After 16 hours of work i fnished the first milestone , i checked job contract for submit but it says ' suspended , don't resume work' Should i submit for first milestone?  Need help !

Hi Musa,


Thank you for reaching out to us. If there is a problem with your client’s Upwork account, your contracts with them will be paused and you cannot continue to bill that client through Upwork until the issue is resolved. There are many possible reasons this could occur, although we can’t share the specifics regarding your client’s account due to privacy concerns.


You can find more information in this help article

~ Nikola
Community Member

i understand my client account has a problem this is not i asked for. I
already finished the job of first milestone. And he already paid to upwork
for first milestone. If i submit work there can i get the money? if this
happen from the beginning i can understand but i finished the milestone
after 16 hours of work. where is the purpose of the making contract? I trusted it and finished the job! And if I didn't check contract by luck, i was almost starting the second milestone.. If he doesn't answer or fix his problem, what will happen?

Hi Musa,


Thank you for following up. One of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your tickets on this page.


~ Nikola

Hello all,


I completed a few fixed pricing contracts for the same client and the funds are in the 5 day security hold period until tomorrow. I received a notification today that the contracts were suspended/paused until further notice when UpWork would notify me. Does this affect the payments that have been approved and are awaiting the 5 day hold or will I still be able to withdraw those tomorrow? 



Hi Ryan - I don't think that the already-released funds will be affected by the contract Pause, that being said, You won't be able to receive new payments from this client until he/she submits what is required to activate the contract again.


I hope that helps! 
Best wishes!

Okay thats what I was thinking. I hope the funds that were already released to me from escrow and are in "pending" status on the overview page can still be withdrawn.

If the contracts are suspended/paused, you won't have access to that money. Even if the 5-day holding period is completed, your financial activity will be limited, and you won't be able to withdraw that money until Upwork reviews the situation. They will advise you when they are done.


May I ask what was the work to be done?

It was a mystery shop project and each store I completed was a milestone. Four have been released from escrow and show pending under the Overview tab. The last one is now paused. Do you think I will be able to withdraw the first 4 payments even though it says paused now? Since they were already released to me before the pause on the clients side

Do you need to buy products to live the complete "shopping" experience or mostly walk in the store and ask questions to the staff to review their work?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ryan, 

I've asked the Customer Support Team to reach out to you with more information about your concern. They will reach out to you through an email support ticket to assist you further. 

~ Avery
Community Member

The contract that I created for client is paused, I checked with client, he did not pause the contract. On his end it says that the contract is paused due to pending issue. Both my client and me don't know that the issue is and how to resolve. Could you help?

Hi Gordon,


Your client will need to get in touch with our support team directly in order to address the issue with their account. A quick way to contact support is by clicking the question mark icon that shows at the bottom right corner of this page

Community Member

Hi Andrea, thank you for advise. I will inform my client of the account issue. Gordon

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Hello, I am new to upwork and have a concern. I received an email this morning stating that my contract was put on hold with a client due to suspicious activity. 

Ironically, it was myself who reported it as after I submitted the work the person kept spamming me with a link to complete a survey saying it's required when it was never a requirement. 

All I want to know is, will I get paid? I did hard work on that contract, person seemed legit, payment method verified, was also an upwork plus person. 

It would honestly suck if the money I earned rightfully was not paid to me despite working on it and submitting it to them. My hours were clocked by the system, I had high activity throughout, and I had a detailed memo of what I was doing in every step. 

I just want some clarity and some information about what's going on.


Thank You

Hi Raymond,

I can see you were able to submit a support ticket with our team regarding this. Please allow some time for our team to review and they will update you directly via ticket as soon as possible.

Community Member

Hello, I had a contract to perform some speech tasks, but the contract was set on hold. Will I eventually still get paid for this?

Hi Shawn-Douglas,


If there is a problem with your client’s Upwork account, your contracts with them will be paused automatically and you cannot continue to bill that client through Upwork until the issue is resolved. There are many possible reasons this could occur, although we can’t share the specifics regarding your client’s account due to privacy concerns. 


You can check out this help article to learn some tips on what you can do if your contract is on hold.

Community Member

Hi Upwork Comunity , I hope you are doing well . Can anybody help how to contact upwork CS .I had fixed price contract with a client that is suspended suddenly without notifying me .Thanks in Advance 

Visit Upwork's Customer Service Center to get the help that you need.

Hi Muhammad,


If a contract with one of your clients has been paused, it means that there's an issue with their account that they must solve. You should stop working with that client immediately and try getting in touch with them to know when you can resume working (once the contract is also resumed). For privacy reasons, we can't share any details about another user's account. Feel free to check this help article to learn more. 

~ Luiggi
Community Member



I have a contract i started 01/03/2022 ( a little task of 24 hours ) which i submitted the outputs on 02/03.

The client told me that he will come back to me with the feedback of his client, but the job is fine from his side.

I kept remiding him every week about the feedback, his only answer i will get you an answer soon.

On 08/04 he responded that the client did not pick my sample for further work, and suddenly his acout appeared "suspended" i don't know if he blocked the contract!

I asked for release of my milestone but he did not respond, so after that i submited the milestone myself for payment.

It has been 14 days now ( the amount is still in review) i'm asking if i'm going to be paid for this milestone or no?



Hi, I do not know if you will be paid or not, I'll let Upwork Support follow-up on that,


but in the future, make an habit of always submit your work through the Submit work for payment Button. You won't have to remind the client about anything. If the client does not respond, the payment is issued after 14 days. (provided the client's account is all good). 

Thank you for your reply,
The fact that the contract was suspended only after I asked for my payment made me doubt.
Yes, I would never wait that long. and i really hope upwork support can help me solve this problem, it's upsetting to deliver a job in less than 24 hours and wait more than a month to get paid.

Hi Hafsa,


Because of privacy reasons, we're unable to confirm the nature of the issue with your client's account. I can only confirm that, in general, on day 14 the review period is still going and you'd need to wait until that 14th day is over for payment to be released. In these cases, we suggest getting in touch with your client as soon as possible to find out when the contract will resume. Check out this help article for more information. 



thank you for your reply,
i contacted him again this morning but no answer ( even though he appear online).

I will wait this day and see tomorrow if the payement is released

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I received this message from the platform, this client after I did the work for him and sent him, he started that he had to take a survey and blah blah and he disappeared and came back. And then I received the message that is below the platform.


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Our apologies for the inconvenience


Does anyone know if they contact me? How long should I wait? or what is this.


thank you,






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Hi everyone!

Round about two days ago i started a contract of data entry. My client suppose to give me 700$ per hour. The job had started. His payment was verified by upwork. but i think this was his first contract on upwork. i started my work and did work for half hour and few seconds. after few seconds my time tracker of desktop app has been stopped and an alert notify that my contract is suspended and paused. And my half payment 350$ started showing in "in review " status on my project list. My question is when will my contract start again. And will i recieve my payment or will it be confiscated?


this is my upwork account link

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