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Do you specialize in a niche in medical writing?

What kind of area of medical writing do you specialize in? There are many areas in medical writing. I enjoy USMLE and medical article reviewing at the moment, but I have also done ghostwriting and article writing in the past. Some areas people specialize in medical writing include:

-Admission Essays

-Article Writing


-Book Writing

-CME and Case Studies

-Clinical Study Protocols


-Content Strategy

-Creative Writing

-Curriculum Development

-Grant Writing

-Regulatory Writing

-USMLE Question Bank

-Web Article Reviews

Do you specialize in anything on the list above, or are there things that you specialize in that are not on the list? Please let us know!



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Medical Writing is such a dynamic field. I specialize in consumer-facing copywriting, medical/health articles/Blogs, and Medical copyediting. I've done a little bit of everything too. 

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I'm a medical doctor ( MBBS in Medicine and surgery ) with a specialization degree in ICU and anesthesia. I specialize in making original practice MCQ questions such as USMLE, MRCand P, MRCS, and summarizing medical topics such as USMLE topic. 

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Hi Sir goodday to you i have experiece to do medical reports, medical health page and some thoughts that my friend include on thier books,as a beginer i think i can make those medical writting that you needed according to my knowledge and opinions...